Supply Chain Management

An increase in global competition has shortened product life cycles and compelled companies to get products to market as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the increasingly complex nature of global supply chains and the growing prevalence of outsourced manufacturing and logistics services have made it more difficult for companies to get a clear picture of what’s happening within their businesses.

As a true fabless ASIC provider, Micram is a member in development and manager during production of the ASIC supply chain. As a manager, Micram is rather independent of any supply chain members and has the freedom to form new individual supply chains. This freedom allows Micram to offer the flexibility to select the best resources to meet customer’s requirements with a reasonable cost.

Micram Supply Chain Management (SCM) services provides to the customer an accurate and up-to-date picture of supply and demand issues including cost and risk assessment. Micram SCM services ensure the efficient, timely, and cost-effective procurement of components and raw materials, assembly of those components and materials into products, and delivery of those products to customers.

Key objectives of Micram SCM are to meet:

  • Risk limitation.
  • Cost limitation.
  • Time to market.
  • Time to volume.
  • Allocation of production capacity.
  • High quality products.

Emphasis is on flexibility. When forecasts and conditions change, the consequences are immediately determined and affected parties are notified with recommended courses of action for optimal results. Once approved, a new action is executed and the plan is adapted within context of this new process. The result is an adaptive global supply chain network immediately responding to the customers needs. One step ahead of this thinking, Micram services are moving from a mere supply “chain” to supplier relationship management (SRM), which allows all parties to establish deeper relationships for mutual benefit. Micram SCM and SRM services are available in conjunction with any Micram turnkey ASIC development. For support of separate complementary customer SCM models, please contact your MICRAM representative.