Micram services are located in the four business units:

The range of services is tailored to fit in-between and enhance our customer’s System Engineering at the front-end and the Application Engineering at the back-end of the ASIC development process.

Design&Engineering conducts and performs any Micram turnkey ASIC development. For complementary customer services, the development flow is structured into a chain of services, each individually available to our customers. Withstanding the trend of outsourcing and focusing on IP provision, Micram introduces two new complementary business units – Rapid!Prototyping and Test&Measurement – into the spectrum of services. Key objective of these business units is to bring better products to market faster, by supporting the product development cycle during design as well as during the time consuming period from first silicon to production release.

Originally, both services were intended to support Design&Engineering activities during ASIC development. Following our customers request, Rapid!Prototyping and Test&Measurement services are also available as a stand-alone package. Throughout development and application, Micram Supply Chain Management ensures the efficient, timely, and cost-effective procurement and supply of components and materials, assembly of these components and materials into products, and delivery of these products to customers.