VEGA Evaluation Board

A laboratory platform for VEGA DAC II and ADC30-NG converters.

The VEGA Evaluation Board provides a laboratory platform for VEGA DAC II or ADC30-NG modules. The board also supports Micram’s earlier VEGA DAC25, DAC I and ADC30 modules. Onboard firmware automatically recognizes the type of VEGA module and provides a simple, easy to use administration and setup interface via a USB connection to any PC.

A 24 line differential interface enables direct control of the VEGA module from an FPGA (interconnection cable sets are available from Micram). When used with the Micram CD3 clock distribution module, up to four VEGA Evaluation Boards can be operated and controlled in a synchronized mode.

An onboard microcontroller and companion software control operation modes and is able to establish and verify synchronization of the 24 FPGA channels. The differential serial data lines are connected to the chip carrier module via high density Samtec RF connectors. All other DC signals are also carried through Samtec connectors. Clock input and DAC output are equipped with K-connectors.