VEGA UltraFast Signal Converters

Micram VEGA provides real-time streaming, unbuffered data conversion with sampling rates up to 72 GS/s.

VEGA enables the only turnkey, full bandwidth data transmission development environment available for 100G and beyond. VEGA gives developers the power to make immediate progress without an endless cycle of custom chip runs.  Unlike other converter architectures which force early design decisions that are costly and time consuming to change, VEGA enables developers to rapidly prototype their ideas, test them and make revisions on the fly.


VEGA DAC3 is the world’s fastest D/A converter, now available exclusively in integrated test equipment systems from our sister company, Micram Instruments. Combining the unequalled performance of VEGA DAC3 with robust MATLAB integration, MI’s line of Arbitrary Waveform Generators sets a new standard for speed, flexibility and ease of use.


A powerful workhorse relied on by researchers and developers around the world, the Micram VEGA DAC II is the premier development platform for 100G and beyond. With well over 100 units sold since its launch in 2009, VEGA DAC II has powered more research and been featured in more academic papers than any other converter technology.


VEGA ADC30-NG is the latest generation of Micram’s UltraFastSiGe™ A/D converter, a 32 GS/s, 6 bit device with >20 GHz analog bandwidth. In a multi-channel interleave mode, effective sampling rates as high as 60 GS/s can be achieved. VEGA’s unique 24 channel optimized data interface enables full integration with Xilinx and Altera FPGAs.

VEGA Information

Introduction to Micram VEGA DAC3.pdf UltraFastSiGe™ 72 GS/s Digital to Analog Converter View
Micram VEGA DAC II Data Sheet.pdf UltraFastSiGe™ 34 GS/s Digital to Analog Converter View
Micram VEGA ADC30-NG Data Sheet.pdf UltraFastSiGe™ 32 GS/s Analog to Digital Converter View
Micram VEGA Evaluation Board Data Sheet.pdf Laboratory Platform for Micram VEGA Converters View
Micram PS VEGA Data Sheet.pdf Power Supply Module for the VEGA Evaluation Board View