Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIA)

In 2013, the Micram TIA product line became a part of TriQuint Semiconductor, a leading global provider of high performance, cost effective RF solutions.


Micram-designed TIA Characteristics

The Micram Transimpedance Amplifier range was developed over 20 years of experience with TIA designs ranging from 2.5  to 56 GHz. Unlike other high speed TIAs that work with a specific photodiode, the Micram TIA range was designed to be universal, with many options and user-configurable features, including fully adjustible bandwidth, offset adjustments and output amplitude control. No matter what is happening at the input, a Micram-designed TIA can be configured to produce a perfect output signal and perform well with any photodiode.



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All Micram-designed TIAs are differential in/differential out, enabling the lowest possible noise and consistent high performance at the greatest distances. If desired, all Micram-designed TIAs can also be deployed as single-ended devices by providing 50 Ohm termination at one input.