The MX2180 is a high-speed 2:1 multiplexer which can support data rates above 80 Gb/s.

The MX2180 can significantly increase the performance of many test & measurement devices from all manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • single-ended and differential IO operation
  • broadband operation
  • 360° at 80 Gb/s clock phase margin at data inputs
  • sampling flip flops at data inputs ensures optimal timing at mux core
  • adjustable output swing
  • adjustable duty cycle
  • single supply voltage

The MX2180 high speed multiplexer consists of two symmetrical input buffers, enabling single-ended and differential data input at a high sensitivity of 50 mVpp. The clock input provides half-rate clocking, running at half the frequency of the data output (e.g. 40 GHz clock for an 80 Gb/s output data rate).

The data inputs use DLL-controlled delay elements, combined with sampling flip flops, to generate input signals for the multiplexer core. These elements have a delay range of more than 1 UI for an input signal of 40 Gb/s. Together with the sampling flip flops, this allows for arbitrary phase relations of the data and clock input signals, while still driving the multiplexer core at an optimum alignment of data and clock signals.

The MX2180 provides a fully symmetrical, differential 50 Ω CML data output buffer, which provides either one differential output signal or two single-ended output signals. The single ended output CML voltage swing can be adjusted between 300 and 500 mVpp.


Electrical Data

Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Power Supply -4.5 -5.0 -5.5 V
Current Consumption  –  440  –  mA
Frequency Range 12  –  26  GHz
Output Amplitude 400  –  800 (Differential) mVpp