The MA40 is a versatile, high speed measurement amplifier for data rates up to 40 Gb/s.


The MA40 is designed to operate as an amplifier in measurement applications that require high gain, pulse shaping, or single-ended/differential signal conversion.


Key Features:

  • single-ended and differential I/O operation
  • adjustable input threshold
  • adjustable input bias
  • switchable offset cancellation
  • adjustable output swing
  • dc coupled operation
  • single supply voltage

The MA40 is a versatile high speed measurement amplifier, designed for amplification and manipulation of signals with data rates above 40 Gb/s. With a fully symmetrical differential input buffer, the MA40 supports both single-ended and differential input.

In applications which require adjustable input bias or compensation of DC input currents, such as photodiodes, the MA 40 provides independently adjustable bias current for each input. The threshold level for H/L amplitude decision can be also be adjusted for pulse shaping, duty cycle adjustment or vertical sampling point adjustment.

The MA40 has a fully symmetrical differential output buffer which provides either one differential output signal or two single-ended output signals. Output voltage swing is also adjustable by a factor of 2.5-3.0.

Parameter Value
Max. Data Rate 60 GHz / 30 GHz
Supply -4.5V (single supply)
Current Consumption 190 mA / 110 mA
Input Data Amplitude se +30 … 300 mV
Input Clock 250mV typ.
Output Amplitude se range 500 mV (default) 200 mv – 800 mV