The FD60 offers great flexibility and excellent signal quality for a broad range of measurement applications.

Key Features:

  • single-ended and differential IO operation
  • broadband operation
  • clock and trigger outputs
  • adjustable output swing
  • single supply voltage
The FD60 provides two outputs, a divided clock signal and a trigger signal. The divide ratio for each output can be independently selected (see the table of divide ratios below).

Selectable ratios of the different outputs

Clock Output Trigger Output
freq/2 freq/16
freq/4 freq/32
freq/8 freq/64
freq/16 freq/256

Electrical Parameters

Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Power supply -4.5/ V
Current consumption 500 mA
Frequency 60 GHz
Input clock 250 mVpp
Output amplitudes 1diff V