The CK20 is a dual channel, electronically adjustable phase shifter for clock signals up to 26 GHz.

The CK20 module provides clock shifting and splitting, high precision clock timing/sampling and clock phase modulation. 

Key Features:

  • two selectable differential inputs
  • two separate phase shift channels
  • octave-band operating range (12 through 26 GHz)
  • continuous phase shifting (∞ times 360°)
  • optional low frequency extension
  • adjustable output swing
  • phase detector output
  • single supply voltage

The CK20 provides two independent, electronically selectable 12 through 26 GHz clock inputs. Symmetrical input buffers allow for single ended as well as differential input and provide a high sensitivity of 50 mVpp (single ended).

A clock signal is fed into two independent phase shifters, each capable of continuously shifting the phase by ∞ times 360°. For continuous forward/backward shift, the CK20 offers an event triggered input (via an optional RS232 interface) with 8 bit resolution each 360°. For high speed phase modulation up to 640 MHz, two analog phase adjustment signals can be applied, each shifting the output clock phase by 180°.

At the output, there are two 50 Ω CML buffers, each providing an adjustable differential output voltage swing between 400 and 800 mVpp.

The CK20 provides a phase detector output, showing the phase difference between both clock outputs. This provides instant access to the actual phase setting, which can be used to realize phase control functionality.


Electrical Data

Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Power Supply -4.5 -5.0 -5.5 V
Current Consumption  –  440  –  mA
Frequency Range 12  –  26  GHz
Output Amplitude 400  –  800 (Differential) mVpp