The CDR8086 combines a high speed CDR with a 1:2 Demultiplexer for data rates of 80/86 Gb/s and higher.

The CDR8086 module provides a clock and data recovery circuit integrated with 1:2 Demux, VCO and external clock signal input.

Key Features:

  • single-ended and differential IO operation
  • broadband operation
  • full rate clock and clock/2 outputs
  • adjustable output swing
  • single supply voltage

Designed for 80 Gb/s (CDR80) or 86 Gb/s (CDR86) signal systems, the CDR8086 can be used with an external clock signal or with an internal VCO. With an external clock signal, the module can be used at other than standard data rates. With up/down information controls and an external clock signal, a PLL can be realized.

The module has full rate and half rate clock outputs. The half rate output may be used for ongoing demultiplexing, or to drive frequency dividers, enabling synchronization with other RF modules or measurement equipment. The phase of the signal at the clock output can be shifted to align the data output.


Electrical Data

Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Power Supply -4.5 -5.0 -5.5 V
Current Consumption  –  440  –  mA
Frequency Range 12  –  26  GHz
Output Amplitude 400  –  800 (Differential) mVpp