A powerful and very flexible clock divider/amplifier/distributor which can drive and synchronize multiple ADCs, DACs or multiplexers.

Key Features:

  • single-ended and differential IO operation
  • programmable reference clock divider
  • synchronous clock start/stop
  • broadband operation
  • adjustable main clock output swing and delay
  • single supply voltage
  • PLL and crystal oscillator

The CD3 is a universal clock distribution IC, which can amplify, split and delay a clock signal at up to 36 GHz. In addition, the main clock can be stopped and started synchronously.

A primary application of the CD3 is synchronous start of multiple devices, especially DACs, ADCs and multiplexers.

The CD3 incorporates a reference clock divider with a programmable ratio and two differential outputs to drive up to four FPGA clocks.

The CD3 chip is mounted in a ruggedized 60x60mm solid brass module, with all RF signals carried differentially on 2.92mm connectors.

Power is provided via the 2×10 ribbon cable pinhead, which also enables control of the CD3 from a micro controller or FPGA.


Electrical Data

Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Power Supply -2.7 -3.3 -3.6 V
Current Consumption 740 870 990 mA
Clock Rate 1 36 38 GHz
Output Amplitude 0.3 0.6 1.0 SE, 2.0 Diff V