High Performance RF Modules

For many years, the Micram engineering team has dealt with the many problems of building custom measurement rigs for its high speed measurement laboratory. Hours of soldering and fitting cables often resulted in poor performance and inaccurate measurements due to the lack of stable accessory components, such as suitable standardized connectors and provision for cooling, as well as signal reflections and signal losses caused by rig assembly and configuration problems.

Based on this experience, the Micram team created a special mount for Micram chips under test, using brass casings and suitable high-frequency substrates, with easy signal access provided through standard K- and V-connectors.

Practical, Flexible Development Modules for 100G and Beyond

Micram RF Modules enable quick and easy lab implementation a variety of measurement amplifier, multiplexer, MSDFF, frequency divider, clock phase shifter, clock distribution and clock recovery components, supporting the 30 Gb/s, 60 Gb/s and 80 Gb/s speed ranges. Originally developed for Micram internal use, these brass cased RF Modules eliminate time consuming configuration work and provide a stable, reliable chip mount, with easy access for any kind of test equipment.

Measurement Amplifier
MA40 40 Gb/s Measurement Amplifier
MX2180 2:1 Mux for up to 80/86 Gb/s
MS D-Flipflops
DFF30 Master-Slave D-Flipflop for up to 30 GHz
DFF60 Master-Slave D-Flipflop for up to 60 GHz
Frequency Divider
FD60 60 GHz frequency divider with selectable ratio (2 to 256)
Clock Phase Shifter
CK20 20 GHz Dual Channel Clock Phase Shifter
Clock Distribution
CD3 36 GHz clock divider/distributor (syncs DACs or ADCs, provides clocks for FPGAs)
Clock Data Recovery
CDR8086 80/86 Gb/s CDR with 1:2 Demux