Micram Debuts 100 GS/s VEGA DAC4 at OFC 2016

At the OFC Expo in Anaheim, Micram’s latest generation of its UltraFastSiGe™ VEGA digital to analog converter made its debut. The new VEGA DAC4 achieves a blisteringly fast sample rate of 100 GS/s, the highest rate available in a DAC today. With exception analog bandwidth exceeding 40 GHz at 100 GS/s, VEGA DAC4 is the world’s fastest D/A converter.

Some technical highlights of the VEGA DAC4:

64 Gbps pam 4

64 Gbps PAM-4 signal generated at 64 GS/s

• Signal generation up to 100 Gbps

• Sample rate up to 100 GS/s per channel

• > 40 GHz analog bandwidth (-3 dB point)

• Rise/Fall time (20%-80%) < 7 ps

• Ultra low intrinsic jitter

• 512k on chip waveform memory

• Output voltage up to .8 V diff pk-pk

• Ethernet control interface with a simple MATLAB API

• Flexible, powerful and expandable Micram USPA application board deployment system

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