Micram was founded in 1989 as a spin-off of the Center of Microelectronics within Ruhr-University. At that time the focus was on the design of high-speed ICs in silicon bipolar technology.

The company has grown steadily ever since, joined by numerous experts, well known for their work in the field of high-speed circuit design. With the evolving technologies also skills and competence of Micram designers amassed, driven by leading edge projects and continuous R&D work in collaboration with big global companies as well as with the neighboring RUB.

While in the early days the emphasis was on data transmission and measurement applications at high speed, nowadays the adoption of industrial requirements is a continuously demanding task. Today, we are talking about HIGH PERFORMANCE, a challenging mixture of high speed, high gain, high linearity, high precision, high I/O power, low noise, low cost, SoC, reliability, yield, standardization etc.


When in 1998 everybody started to talk about 40 Gb/s, Micram had already a unique selling position as anindependent design house offering superior IP for 40 Gb/s ASICs. E.g., in 2001 the industry’s first OC-768 SiGe Ser/Des chipset for SONET/SDH connection systems, developed by Micram, was introduced by a global playing company.

Driven by the customers raising demand, Micram’s business concept was expanded from strictly Design&Engineering to also include component manufacturing and supply. Withstanding the trend of outsourcing and focusing on IP provision, 1999 Micram introduced complementary in-house Test&Measurement and Rapid!Prototyping services.