Core Values

Micram was founded based on the desire to start business with certain values, objectives, principles and ethics. These will remain throughout our entire work and form our mission statement:

  • Micram leads. We are committed to thinking and acting at least one step ahead of the state of the art . we are not interested in being followers, only leaders.
  • We believe that making our customers successful is the only way Micram can achieve its own success.
  • We understand that every customer is unique and that fully understanding each one is a basic part of our job as a company.
  • We believe that any business transaction must create a win-win situation for the customer and for ourselves. There is no such thing as success at the expense of a customer.
  • Micram will always uphold the highest standards of honesty, fairness and trustworthiness in all our business relationships.
  • We believe our small, focused team and intensely collaborative approach to our work is the key to our innovation and technical excellence.
  • Micram will always pursue the very best team members, those that are committed to technical, professional and personal excellence.
  • Every member of the Micram team is a respected, valued part of our success. We will always be as committed to the personal success of our team members as we are to the success of our company.